Orange County

It’s North Carolina’s ideal landscape. For business, for life, and everything in between. Orange County gives you rolling hills and lush green countryside – a rural, down-home feel that blends seamlessly with a cosmopolitan worldview. Here, you’ll find everything your business needs to thrive: a highly educated workforce, superior schools, a world-renowned university system, pioneering technology and research, unprecedented healthcare, and diversity across the board. Toss in our mild climate, and we’re not just the perfect mix – we’re your perfect business environment. In more ways than one.
Centrally located in the heart of North Carolina, just two hours from world-renowned beaches and three hours from the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky mountains, Orange County offers the ideal landscape—a perfect mix of everything you need to grow your business and…to simply enjoy life. The county is strategically positioned along the Eastern seaboard; with major metro areas like DC and New York just a quick flight or few hours’ drive away. Interstates I-40 and I-85 crisscross the region, facilitating quick and efficient travel in all directions. Nearby RDU International Airport, along with proximity to seaports, literally gives you the world of business just outside your door.
Easy Access
Situated at the intersection of two major transportation corridors – Interstate 85 and Interstate 40– Orange County’s location affords a variety of business land opportunities within three Economic Development Districts targeted for non-residential growth by the county. These Districts were created to offer streamlined development procedures in the prime location along the transportation corridor.

When it comes to lifestyle, Orange County really and truly offers the perfect mix. Of its 400 square miles, only 10% are developed, making the county a vast playground for lovers of the great outdoors. At the same time, the county encompasses three major East Coast cities, and borders North Carolina’s Research Triangle. Which means that, when residents tire of hiking, kayaking and cycling, they can easily take advantage of the educational, cultural and professional opportunities offered by these close-in, metropolitan centers. Additionally, for all of its rustic, rural appeal, Orange County’s location, along with a network of interstate highways, makes travel in any direction both quick and easy.

Culturally, the county is shaped largely by its world-renowned university system, as well as the forward-thinking companies that have made their homes here. These companies are attracted by the county’s pro-entrepreneur leadership, along with its abundant supply of highly educated, highly skilled workers. The climate here is conducive not only to business, but to a thriving arts community, too, as evidenced in the county’s numerous public art displays, commercial galleries, arts & crafts studios, performing arts events, concerts and movie showings.

Educated Workforce

Employers will find a diverse, educated and enthusiastic workforce in Orange County. More than half of Orange County’s population is in the prime working age range of 18 to 54 and represent several ethnicities.

Orange County’s highly skilled workforce is a product of targeted education programs at The University of North Carolina and Durham Technical Community College.

Primary, secondary, university, vocational and continuing education institutions in Orange County and surrounding areas all contribute to the goal of providing a qualified workforce. At 53.7 %, Orange County has the highest concentration of college grads in North Carolina and 11th highest nationally.



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North Carolina has a 58-campus community college system and numerous universities providing a highly skilled and educated workforce.

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Centrally located on the eastern seaboard, North Carolina provides an excellent transportation infrastructure and optimal point of access to markets and customers.

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North Carolina has consistently ranked by Forbes’ as one of the top 5 business climates in the United States for 11 consecutive years.

With quality health care, culture-rich history and arts, recreational opportunities and a moderate climate, North Carolina provides an excellent quality of life.